Back to basics: Painting

18 May to 14 July 2018

Artists: Jackie Berridge, Panos Famelis, Vangelis Gokas, George Gyzis, Nikos Kanarelis, Ioannis Lassithiotakis, Mantalina Psoma, Nicos Samaras, Marian Wijnvoord.

The Enia Gallery presents on Friday, 18 May 2018 the group exhibition “Back tobasics: Painting”, curated by Artemis Potamianou.

The exhibition Back to Basics: Painting, as part of the Back to Basics series thatexplores key issues and elements of art making, looks into the aims as well as theapproaches of artists to the use of the medium of painting.

When All is Said... and Done

Curated by Artemis Potamianou

Private View: Friday 9 March, 6-9pm
Exhibition Continues: 9 March - 8 April 2018
Friday to Sunday 12-6pm, or by appointment

Mark Titchner | Lanfranco Aceti | Giorgos Papadatos | Artemis Potamianou | Aggelos Antonopoulos | George Harvalias | Jimi Efthimiou-Dimitris Mitsopoulos-Vivi Papanikola | Jackie Berridge | Clay Smith | Bill Balaskas | Frini Mouzakitou | Lady Michelle

Jackie Berridge was invited to participate in this opportunity for self-criticism and exploration of the reasons that led to the two referendums and their respective results.


Image: Aggelos Antonopoulos, The Other Side

Aux Greniers A Sel

12 - 19 April, 2017

HMS and artists from Thirtyfive Gamble, Nottingham will be showing work in the Salt House, Honfleur. This is the first leg of a French exhange involving the groups from Nottingham and Contre Courant artists from Honfleur, France.


The London Group Open 2017 - Part 2

22 November - 1 December

'In the Suburbs' by Jackie Berridge has been selected for the UK's longest running and most prestigious artists' collective.


Jackie's solo show, 'Fantastical Landscapes' was featured as the Editors pick of the week in the Guardian.

"Berridge conjures painterly dreamworlds and stream-of-conciousness landscapes. Fragmented, a bit edgy but enchanting."
Guardian Guide, 4-10 November 2017


Fantastical Landscapes
28th October – 26th November, 2017

An exhibition of new work from the winner of the Tarpey Gallery Prize from our sponsorship of Nottingham Castle Open 2015.


Jackie was invited by Terry Green to describe the process of painting a particular piece.

Diary of a Painting

Coup Perdu

Tricko Kit Downes

Jackie Berridge's original artwork, 'Shadowlands Too' was used on the cover of Kit Downe's latest album, Tricko.

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"Jackie Berridge continues the anthropomorphic imperative in her intriguing white paintings, which feature a delightful array of expressively depicted hybrid forms and creatures jockeying for position in a fragmented pictorial structure. The loose sketching painting provides a great counterpoint to the precision engineering of Kaur and the two shows sit well together."

Review by Tom Hackett
Permindar Kaur - Hiding Out

A-N Interface
Extract from David Manley's blog

"(detail) was in my mind last evening when looking at Jackie Berridge‘s exhibition at the Lakeside in Nottingham.Indeed its hard not to be drawn into the myriad details in these large new canvases that take her (now) familiar (to those of us who know her previous work) creatures into a host of new adventures in a fabricated landscape quite unlike any other I can think of in current figuration.

I’m always drawn back to the playground of my early childhood with these pictures (I like others have been more familiar with these images as large scale drawings up until now) but with the painterly elements of colour and handling we seem to have moved into another even more dreamlike (and sometimes nightmarish) vision.

The colour palette is especially rich and in a warm early evening spring sunlight it was set off to particularly good effect but it only serves to lure the viewer into an initial security thatis entirely disturbed by the content, both formal and narrative. What is really strong in this work too is the knack of knowing when to leave well alone so that painterly incident and the author’s handwriting shines through.

This is good stuff and shows Jackie’s work reaching a maturity not just as the excellent draughts person she has always been but as a painter of real authority. I’d say you should go see it."


'Insights into the Mind'
Spring Issue
March - May 2012
Jackie features in M/I/S/C, a quarterly magazine about business innovation and design thinking. It is distributed to over 28 countries around the world. Click here to see the double page spread...
Ruby Mag
Jackie's paintings were selected for Issue 60 of the online Ruby Mag
Harrington Mill Studios
As well as making art Jackie has established 18 artists' workspaces in Long Eaton, Nottingham on the first floor of a victorian lace factory. For further details visit www.harringtonmillstudios.co.uk
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