My work explores human behaviour, in particular group dynamics and social isolation. I am fascinated by the subtle nuances of body language – the tilted heads, twisted bodies and small involuntary movements often signifying power, control, vulnerability and alienation.

Recent paintings include fictionalised portraits based on people I find interesting. My subjects range from the ordinary to the sublime - with colourful back stories woven into the paintings for the viewer to interpret. I create a theatre where props and clues reveal different elements of character. Symbolism, colour and body language convey certain messages about the 'sitter' whilst the true identity of each individual remains ambiguous.
I juxtapose decorative elements with painterly brush marks, hard lines and gridded designs. I continue editing and condensing the painting to arrive at a contemporary and personal interpretation.
The small scale is an important consideration and has been influenced by the medieval paintings at the National Gallery. The intensity and delicacy of these beautiful paintings have inspired the way I create this new body of work. The pace of creating these works makes an interesting contrast to the fast and furious pace of reading imagery on the web.

Influences are wide and varied and include the children's animation 'Mr Benn', William Morris wallpaper, 'Gogglebox', Alan Bennett's 'Talking Heads' and the iconography of medieval paintings.

Jackie Berridge 2016